SF 804e

This is the hypercar I imagined, modelled, textured and animated.

My goal was to create a luxury road legal Formula 1 Hypercar.

With a V8 Hybrid engine which delivers 980hp on the rear axle for the thermal part as well as its two batteries which are activated on start-up and re-acceleration in order to benefit from unequaled traction.

max. speed 419km/h
0-100km/h = 1.98s
0-200km/h = 5.01s
0-419 km/h = 14.18s

The thermal engine is placed above the rear axle and the batteries of the hybrid part are located at the front for a perfect 50/50 ratio.

This mix of Hypercar and Formula 1 could not be done without an active aero system. This is why the SF 804e has an active spoiler comparable to the DRS as well as air inlets and outlets that open and close automatically at the level of the flat bottom.

Game Assets

I've also been working on some assets for a really cool game named ""
I've created different rear wing setup with wheels and backlights.

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